Welcome / by Emma Fraser

Hello and welcome to our new website and blog!

It is here that we invite you to experience the inner workings of our family; our excitement, processes, challenges and triumphs as we navigate through the world of bespoke interiors.

With a dedicated team of craftsmen and an in-house design service, not to mention Arthur (the extremely well behaved dog), the company has grown and developed to new levels. With exciting prospects on the horizon, our close-knit team are taking it all in their stride.


Inspiration comes in many forms and for a team that designs, manufactures and installs everything, these influences inspire our work and drive innovation. Known for our attention to detail, outstanding customer service and innate ability to bring visions to reality, the team are now producing work which is featuring within Scotland’s finest architectural projects.


Working for both residential and commercial clients has provided us with a wealth of knowledge, which can be applied to any new challenge. Our clients come to us looking for something unique to fit in to their lives and enhance how they use the spaces that they inhabit. We can create interiors that work for them rather than having to make compromises with what they have or with what they can purchase off the shelf.

As we expand our blog and discuss all the ins and outs of our days work, we will also be updating our various social feeds, including Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz with the latest up to date happenings from within our bespoke world.

Please stay tuned for our next post!